About Me

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I am a software developer, mostly working with speech-to-text, text-to-speech and 3D animation.

Nowadays, I’m mostly writing Flutter apps using Dart and C++, and Blender add-ons/machine learning work using Python/PyTorch.

I have a number of open source repositories, including Flutter packages for 3D PBR rendering, speech-to-text with sherpa-onnx and an add-on for streaming facial blendshapes direct to Blender.

I have a number of apps/projects:

  • iX Labs, a platform I’m building to allow anyone to create skeletal and facialk animations.
  • Polyvox, an on-device virtual language learning partner for Mandarin Chinese.
  • Imaginanki, a web-app for creating flashcard decks, images and audio
  • Amiki, a web-app for practising German, Spanish, Italian and French via conversations with 3D avatars.

I’m originally from Adelaide, Australia, but I’ve lived in various cities across the world - Singapore, Melbourne, Canberra and Beijing.

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